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  • A_stunning_view_from_our_Library_on_the_LakeA stunning view from our Library on the Lake
  • Reeds_Lake_Wildlife_viewed_from_the_EGR_Library_on_the_LakeReeds Lake Wildlife viewed from the EGR Library on the Lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there is a millage to support the library, why should I support the Friends?

Tax dollars do help to fund the library and are used to support such things as salaries, the library’s collection and some programming. We like to think of the Friends as providing the icing on the cake: items like additional programming and amenities for all ages.

How do the Friends of the EGR Library raise funds?

Our main sources of revenue are donations and proceeds generated by our twice-yearly used book sales and the Friends' Corner Book Shop.

Who decides where donations to the Friends of the EGR Library are spent?

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the EGR Library work hand-in-hand with the library branch manager and her staff to determine where the Friends’ funds are best put to use. Each year, the branch manager presents an annual budget to be approved by the board. Additional funds are allocated throughout the year as additional programming, special events or structural items are needed.

How can I donate to the Friends of the EGR Library?

We have a number of ways you can contribute, whether through membership, contributions, special sponsorships or volunteering. 

Is my monetary donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Friends of the EGR Library is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and all donations are deductible to the extent allowed in the Internal Revenue Code.

How can I help besides donating funds?

There are many ways you can volunteer your time!

When was the Friends of the EGR Library established?

An interesting question…as a matter of fact, even before there was a library, there were the Friends, starting in 1958. It all began with a group of citizens who believed East Grand Rapids deserved its own library. Read more about our history here.

What is the Friends of the EGR Library Endowment Fund?

The Friends’ Board of Directors maintains an endowment fund. The principal and any future deposits to the fund are not to be spent; instead, interest earnings and investments are available to the Board to provide funding for the EGR Library. This ensures the sustainability of the organization and its support to the library.

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