A lot of work goes into our bi-annual book sales!

After books are donated, they are moved to our "sort room" in the community center. Items are sorted for quality with the best and newest offered for sale in the Friends' Corner Book Shop on the main floor of the library.

The remaining items and those which did not sell in the Friends' Corner Book Shop are sorted into boxes by 35 categories. Starting the day before the sale, volunteers move boxes from the sort room over to the recreation department, unpack them, and arrange books on tables.

All of this results in many volunteer opportunities:

  1. Sorting and packing boxes twice monthly.
  2. Moving books from storage to the book sale location (just before each of our 2 bi-annual sales)
  3. Arranging books on tables ahead of a sale.
  4. Straightening books and assisting patrons during the sale
  5. Tallying sales
  6. Repacking unsold books at the end of the sale

Interested in volunteering? Here's how:

  1. Online, send us a note!
  2. Via mail, check the appropriate box on your membership renewal form (also available at the EGR library.

We attempt to contact everyone who has let us know they'd like to volunteer. If it's one month before a sale and you haven't yet heard from us, please send us a message.


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