Every year, the Friends of the EGR Library present these eagerly awaited personal library expanding sales, usually in May and in November.

These twice-yearly book sales are held in the EGR Parks & Recreation Department at 750 Lakeside Drive (the lowest level of the building that houses the library).

HOT TIP: The official opening day is Saturday, but members are invited for advanced pickings on Friday evening. This is a great reason for you to renew your membership or sign up today!

MORE GOOD NEWS: Because we cannot store items from one sale to the next, each sale features a brand-new selection of books!

Want to know how to donate? Bring your used books, CDs and DVDs to the library’s front desk. We accept and sell what you donate, along with the library’s discards. We even accept and sell large print books. (We’re sorry, but stained, mildewed, moldy or cigarette odor books cannot be sold.

As with the Friends' Corner Book Shop, revenue from each Used Book Sale helps us provide EGR Friends programming, some of your library’s material needs, and the many activities the Friends of the EGR Library supports.

The books we sell are carefully categorized by Friends of the EGR Library members and volunteers

Click here for information about our May 2020 sale!


  • Community_donated_books_for_Friends_of_the_EGR_Library_used_book_saleCommunity donated books for Friends of the EGR Library used book sale
  • Friends_Corner_Book_Shop_Main_Floor_of_the_libraryFriends Corner Book Shop Main Floor of the library
  • Friends_of_the_EGR_Library_used_book_saleFriends of the EGR Library used book sale

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